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Public Philosophy

Philosophy is chiefly about thinking critically about the world and the way we evaluate it, and that’s an essential skill for anyone. But academic philosophy isn’t always written with non-academics in mind. These posts are about taking useful philosophical concepts and applying them to everyday life.


We spend a lot of time talking, but don’t spend a great deal of time on how to talk. To each other, to friends, to loved ones, the simplest things can often make the most difference. These posts are about how we can change the way we talk with each other.


Theories of ethics are about your actions and whether you should do them. While often sorting things into right and wrong, it’s rarely that simple.


Epistemology is the study of knowledge, and deals with questions about the nature of truth, justification, and belief, as well as examining our justifications for how we know things.

Words of Power
I have a lot of magic words, small ideas which unpack into larger ideas which inspire and motivate me. In Words of Power, I share those words in the hope that it’ll inspire you as well.

  • Sacred: Bollocks on the sacred.
  • Whoville: Though much is taken, much abides.
  • Mirror of Erised: Believing what we want is a lost cause.
  • Wizards: The world needs more wizards.
  • Fight the Future: We can’t. It’ll get here eventually.
  • Delenn: Why see things as they are when you can see how they could be?
  • Boots: These are my boots. There are many like them, but these ones are mine.
  • Knights: Not the real thing.
  • Letters: They can be powerful things.

Things I Don’t Get
There are a lot of things that I don’t understand. These are some of them. I’m hoping you can help me figure them out.


[column width=”45%” padding=”5%”]Pulp Philosophy

Here I take a look at individual characters and the kinds of things they can teach us about applying complex philosophical concepts.

Social Media

One of my areas of interest is social media, in why we use it, how we use it, and how we should use it. For better or worse, it’s changing the shape of our communities.

These are reflections on situations I run into in my life, personal insights I’ve had and things I thought were worth sharing. Expressions are about what I’m thinking about and how I’m thinking about it.

Lessons in Logic
Formal logic is a language which has a lot of uses every day. It can help us map our own thinking, evaluate whether something should be true or not, and just stand apart from a situation to see how the facts fit together.

Poetry and Fiction
About three years ago I got bored of handing in standard essays which no one would read, and started turning them in in poetry. They’re philosophical curiosities, and a lot of fun, so I invite you to take a look.