Moving Resolved

Post is a little late today, because I started working on it after we got Heather moved. We managed to get six people together, a group which consisted of my mother, a few of my peers, and one of my former professors, and got her moved in one trip. Thank you everyone who wished us well, and thank you especially to my mom, my friends Ioana (@TheWorldWatches) and Ryan (@RhinoofSteel), and Professor David Porreca (who prefers Latin to Twitter. We like him anyway). We couldn’t have done it without them, and the fact that they were willing to come out at 10:30 in the morning on the holiday weekend and lug furniture in thirty degree heat for a total stranger is a credit to them as human beings.

It’s the little things, after all. Sometimes we need a hand. Sometimes we don’t know when we need a hand, or who to ask, or how to ask, or when. I think that’s the case, though I could be wrong. Maybe everyone knows but me. I was halfway through writing a post on turning problems into opportunities when Heather approached me, and I think I’ll make a whole week out of it. Now I’m off to welcome some more people into my family. But before I go, a question.¬†What are some of the ways you create opportunities from problems?


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