Opportunities, Not Problems (Moving Event!)

One of the things I go on at length about (there’ll be a post soon, I promise) is how problems are based on perspective, and can often be opportunities instead. Heather, my roommate, provided an excellent example to this effect when she came to me twenty-minutes ago and said “Jim, I have a problem.”

See, you know those times when you think you’ve got everything planned out for a move, and then things start falling apart? Me too. My roommate Heather is there right now, which has put her in a bind. She has her stuff packed, and she has a truck rented, but all of her friends and allies have bailed, leaving just the two of us to move her (and neither of us can drive). She rented out our spare room a few months ago, she needed a place to stay in order to get back on her feet after a rough time. She’s got a new place now, but could use some help getting there. She has a modest amount of stuff, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

And so, I want you to come and help us. If you’re free on Saturday, July 2nd, at 10:30 in the morning, come down and help us out. It’ll only take a little while, and you not only get some free pizza and beer, but the knowledge that your time spent has made somebody’s life a lot easier. We’re meeting at my place, which is here, and I encourage everyone and anyone to come out. Many hands make light work, and it’s an opportunity for you to go out, get some sun, help someone out, and meet other people who are willing to help someone out. It’s the holiday weekend, and a lot of people have plans, but if you’ve got even an hour to spare that morning, come out and help teach Heather that our problems can become opportunities.

If you’re interested and able to help, you can leave a comment here, or mark yourself as attending on the Facebook Event. I look forward to seeing you, and if we’ve never met, even better. You’re the kind of person I want to know.

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