Graduation Time

On Thursday I crossed the stage in my dusty old combat boots and got my degree. BA Philosophy, minor in Classics. Truth be told, there were lots of times when I wasn’t sure I’d make it, and more where I wasn’t sure I wanted to make it. There have been times when I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have, and could have done better.

Sitting in a robe for two hours before crossing a stage where my only thought is “Don’t trip” was a really good opportunity to think about all the things I could have made time for, and all of the times I could have tried harder. Kneeling on that stage for a moment as one of my professors hooded me, I felt steeped in an atmosphere where people were determined to live up to their potential. It wasn’t the first time, either. At TEDxWaterloo, at Ignite Waterloo, surrounded by artists, philanthropists, teachers and entrepreneurs, I often find myself energized to do all the things I know I’m able to do, and my burdens don’t seem like burdens, but opportunities. I meet people, and they ask about my Twitter handle, @ConceptCrucible. “It’s my blog,” I say, “Rendered larval by assignments and exams, but one day I’m going to get to it.” Well, there’s no more assignments and exams, at least until I start my Master’s in September, but the words are merely indicative of an underlying issue, namely that the blog is something I’ll get around to doing, rather than something I’m just going to do. It’s a burden, not an opportunity.

I am done with that.

Concept Crucible is officially live, even if it kills me. I’ll make my scheduled posts and not put them off, because twice a week isn’t unreasonable and because this isn’t something I’m doing as a favour to other people, some bit of fair weather charity. It’s something I can do for myself to help myself think better and develop relationships with new people. Every time I forget that, I am going to come to this post and stare at it until I remember why I’m doing this.

BA Philosophy, minor in Classics? I can do better, and I’m just getting started.

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