Once upon a time, there was blog all about philosophy. But this little blog, it eventually realized there was more to the world than it had ever dreamed of. Brilliant and wonderful ideas abound in philosophy, technology, science, business and charity. Shepherded by its authors, it packed a lunch and ventured into the wilds of the internet to find and celebrate strangeness and human achievement, and to learn how to work through thorny problems with help from some of the amazing people out there.

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Jim Tigwell

Jim Tigwell

“Let me feast upon your delicious occurrences!”


Jim Tigwell is a blogger and communications professional, as well as musician, writer, community organizer, and occasional magician. He has a definite crazy scheme imbalance and is committed to making new things that improve people’s situations, whether those are songs, charity events, or conspiracies. You can find more of his deviant ramblings on his website, or contact him directly over Twitter.


Dan Timmins


“My other jacket is also red flannel.”


Dan does not enjoy writing about himself in the third person he finds it eerie and slightly pretentious. That being said, Dan has spent the majority of his adult life as a nondescript cog in an amazing machine. He is interested in art, technology,literature, and ways to make bread and cheese even more yummy. Dan is going back to school to redress an earlier education related mishap. Yea twitter.