Hexup for Nov 15 – Far Past the Horizon

The return of blog posts means the return of the Hexup! As I write this, the European Space Agency is trying to land a probe on a comet, and I am watching it live. ON A COMET. It’s a big icy ball of gas and stuff hurtling through space, and humans are just like “Robot thing I built, show me what is there!” Sometimes I love people. Most of the time.

Comet Crashers

Obviously a comet landing is the biggest news of this week. Philae traveled 800 million kilometres over ten years to land on 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, a comet that travels through the solar system once every six and a half years. The harpoons didn’t quite make it out, but the ESA got some neat data and did a bit of drilling. Sadly, there isn’t enough light for the solar panels, and Philae is going to sleep. Good night, you tiny awesome lander, and good job. You can read more about Philae and the Rosetta mission on the ESA’s website.

Desert Bus for Hope

Desert Bus gifDesert Bus for Hope 8 launched yesterday, from a lunar module in Victoria, BC. Sketch comedy group Loading Read Run will be busking and raising money for Child’s Play, a charity that donates toys and videogames to children’s hospitals and domestic violence shelters. It is hilarious, joyful, and occasionally touching. They’ll be playing Desert Bus for the next hundred hours or so, so check them out at http://twitch.tv/desertbus!

How to hate your stuff

For all those writing novels this month, and since this week’s post was about struggling with creativity, I wanted to link Chuck Wendig’s post on how to hate your work. It always happens, when you build something and can only see the cracks, even if no one else can.

Net neutrality is still a thing

And it will continue to be a thing. AT&T recently declined to roll out fiber to two million homes because, you know, they might be more strongly regulated. Happily, the Federal Communications Commission is at least curious about this. Net neutrality is in the best interest of everyone (especially me), because it lets tiny sites like this one actually do things, rather than loading super slowly In that way that everyone hates.

Play games on your calculator

It’s pretty hard to find nifty things that compare to Desert Bus, NaNoWriMo and, you know, landing on a damn comet. Still, if that’s not your cup of tea, you can play Smash Bros on your Texas Instruments calculator. It’s still a work in progress, but I am amazed at how much of it actually works. Now you too can save on a 3DS.

What have we been doing?

Building things with balloons, for one. This week’s video is a build for a balloon car that we worked on with Drew Ripley, an awesome balloon artist, for Night\Shift, a local art festival. It was a ton of fun.

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