Hexup for Nov 15

Less science this week, but just as much awesome (if not more).

Desert Bus

Desert Bus for Hope started today! The Loading Ready Run crew will be playing Desert Bus for the next 100+ hours to raise money for Child’s Play. They are hilarious, wonderful, and inspirational. You should definitely check them out. In fact, don’t stay here. Go there, have some fun, and throw in some cash. The proceeds go to giving toys and videogames to children’s hospitals so get thee hence!

In case you’re still here…

I’ll go on. If you’re not watching Desert Bus, you might be able to go outside and see the comet ISON. According to the New Scientist, “ISON is expected to keep brightening over the next few weeks – and could become a once-in-a-century comet so bright that it can be seen during the daytime.”

Academic journals on social media

A story after my own heart. A study shows that more and more academic journals are joining social media. Not only are the getting wicked traffic, they’re getting peer-reviewed articles out to regular people. The world needs more people reading more peer-reviewed things. yes, this is a subject near and dear to my heart.

For Dan

A team at University of Texas, Austin has discovered a process to grow superior graphene crystals. From Science Daily, “The crystals were about 10,000 times as large as the largest crystals from only four years ago. Very large single crystals have exceptional electrical properties.” For more information on graphene, you can check out Dan’s post on why everyone should own a lab coat.

Batkid saves San Francisco

We all want to be Batman, but this kid actually got to do it, thanks to the Make-a-Wish foundation. That is all.

Simple answers to ridiculous questions

Every new technological advance seems to generate the same questions. Happily, xkcd has provided a simple guide to answer them. We’ll see you next week. Watch Desert Bus!

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