Hexup for Feb 14 – Valentine Astronomy Goths

Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s on of our favourite holidays, in that it is entirely made up to suit human purposes. Enjoy doing whatever it is that you today, which in that sense isn’t that different from other days, but take a look at some of the nifty and mad links we have this week.

Grandma’s figurines go gothic

Tom LaBonty’s figures aren’t the kind of thing you’d see on your grandma’s mantle, unless your nana is super into the Sisters of Mercy. He repaints ceramic figures over at Coffin Collector. These figures turn heads, and crash notions of gentle childhood into the macabre in a creepy but interesting way.

Awesome in the original sense

From Science Daily, “…for the first time, researchers have discovered the formation of a quadruple star system from widely separated fragments of a filamentary gas cloud in the Perseus constellation. The star system consists of a young star still in an early development phase and three gas clouds which are rapidly condensing by gravitational forces.”

Alice-Walker-Valentine-Card-731x1024Obligatory Valentine’s post

Struggling to find a way to tell your partner that you love and respect them? Try one of these critical theory valentines. Treat that special someone to a card with Slavoj Zizek on it that says “I am already eating from the trash can of your heart.” Also philosophers are weird.

Learn to physical thing

Want to learn something online? No problem. There are tons of places to learn almost anything, between Massively Open Online Courses, to Youtube, to eHow. But what if it’s a physical thing? Learn kit-based electronics and programming with LittleBits, where you get a kit and use it to follow along with their lessons and develop things for yourself.

In “No kidding” news

What if we tried to stop climate change by shading the earth from the sun? We’d get less sunlight, so the temperature would be lower. It’s geoengineering (which is like regular engineering, only for planets). A study by the US National Academies points out that this would be “Irrational and irresponsible” but fails to mention stupid. I mean sure, it could potentially further devastate our entire ecosystem and have vastly unpredictable effects on the rest of the world and literally sounds like something a supervillain would do. Who was ever on board with this idea?


No, it’s not a lifehack video about having a better memory, just information about why we forget and how memory works by Kiri over at Geek & Sundry vlogs

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