Hexup for Dec 13 – Emoji Robot Boogaloo

It’s the holidays, which means special cool things, including a new email subscription link in the sidebar. Subscribe to get post updates directly to your inbox. Also subscribe to have us call you Andrew. It’s a long story. Anyway, things!

Project for Awesome

The Project for Awesome is the big news today, and I do mean today, because it ends tonight! Youtubers all over the world are raising funds for their favourite charities in an attempt to combat worldsuck! Check it out, and maybe you can help support some great causes, or at least see some neat things and find cool people to watch.

Welcome to the future

Buzzfeed has all kinds of lists, but this one has some pretty neat tech on it. It is the future. It’s pretty rad. The real time translation app was news to me, and those bionic limbs look amazingly functional.If you ever wondered what living in science fiction is like, you’re already doing it.

All human carrying spacecraft shown to scaleSpacecraft to scale

Speaking of the future, here’s an image of every spacecraft that’s ever carried a person, presented to scale. Humanity’s projects keep getting bigger and scarier and hopefully they’ll keep going farther. Over fifty years of spacecraft in one picture. Yep.

Electric DJ robots

Speaking of speaking of the future, there are empty Roombas you can buy now, with space to put in your own bits and program them. Which means you can create electric DJ robots. Or tape a knife to the top and use them to defend your home. Either way they’ll protect you from the terrible secret of space.

2pm pickups

Do you have a tedious office job? Maybe you feel that 2pm lull, when things really start to grind, and the end of the day seems so far away. Have you considered taking the stairs a bit? Or swallowing some tiny snakes? Or just killing a man? Here’s a helpful list of techniques for your lifehack blog.

Bill Nye explains evolution using emojis


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