If you want to read my Baltimore post, head over and read my Ferguson post, because it’s the same thing. It’s easy to condemn people for reacting to hardships that one has never had to face.

Anyway, it’s my birthday. Not the blog’s, but my actual birthday. Just ticked over five minutes ago. Birthdays are delightfully arbitrary and really sort of funny things. There’s a notion of making oneself the centre of things, but also in doing things outside yourself. Huck has an elaborate birthday Hucklpalooza, but I’ve never really managed to figure out a good tradition. I did bring a Pez dispenser to work as a substitute for delicious snacks, which likely cements my position as strangest human in the office.

In truth, my lack of birthdayness is the result of poor planning, which leaves me with an apartment in need of cleaning, videos in need of editing, and having to take the garbage out at the lab. Still, fun will hopefully be found within as I retreat from the sort of existential cone of silence that I dwell in to find solace in other humans who love and support me for reasons I often don’t quite understand. I love them anyway, because they are rad.

It’s about time to do a thing.

And hey, if you want to give me a birthday present, maybe share the blog around a bit. A bit of traffic never hurt. Also, give me some ideas for birthday traditions, because I can certainly use them.


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