Hexup for Jan 17 – Finger Food Glitter School

Neat things this week. More art than usual, sparkles, D&D, education, and space! I love me some space.

Weaponized glitter business destroyed

Send glitter to your enemies, he said. Ruin their day, and perhaps their life, by mailing them an envelope of sparkly craft herpes for only ten Australian dollars. Not a bad deal, unless your enemies like glitter. In fact, so many people thought so that the person who set up the website went out of business in a day. The sheer volume of people paying for sparkly vengeance was impossible to keep up with. Oh internet, sometimes I understand you.

Long-buried art recovered

If you’re not from Canada, you’ve probably never heard of the Group of Seven. Come to think of it, you still might not have. But they’re a really big deal in Canadian art history. A group of oil sketches by the Group of Seven were recently donated to the Vancouver Art Gallery after spending decades literally buried in someone’s yard. Try finding those with a metal detector.

Breakfast, a sculpture by Ronit Baranga

Breakfast, by Ronit Baranga

Finger food

For somewhat less traditional art, check out the art of acclaimed sculptor Ronit Baranga. These delightful dishes and teacups will eat you up. Also baby sculptures. Her stuff is off-putting in a manner that I rather enjoy and want to share.

Release your inner self

Find out who your Dungeons & Dragons character is with whothefuckismydndcharacter.com. Unleash your inner fantasy nerd, and dream of being a wary gnome warlock from the vast wastes who is manically obsessed with etiquette, or an egotistical half-orc cleric from an underwater monastery who can’t stand the sight of blood. Whatever floats your boat.

Plan your year of space

There are a ton of amazing space things going on in 2015. From meteor showers to the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope. To find out when Yuri’s day is, or the next meteor shower, check out this catalogue of space exploration and observation by Charlotte Armstrong over at Paper Droids.

Hank Green talks education

Hank Green knows a few things about education, and talks about them in the wake of President Barack Obama’s plan to make two-year college tuition-free.

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